What is NFC?

Near Field Communication is a wireless data transfer technology that transmits information over short distances between an NFC chip and a NFC enabled smartphone.

NFC tags can be programmed to contain an endless array of functions from directing you to websites to paying for parking.


NFC vs. QR codes

QR codes: bar codes you scan with a QR code reader app on your phone.

NFC: tags you tap with a NFC-enabled smartphone.

These technologies are similar and the end result is the same. However, there are a wider array of actions that can be performed with NFC.

Links (URLs)

Open a website or download a file. E.g. an online store or a discount coupon.

Phone Settings

Adjust your phone settings. E.g. turn on silent mode and set alarm.


Open an app to simplify a process. E.g. Google Maps navigation in your car.


We can pre-program NFC tags with a custom campaign. Contact us for further information.

NFC Enabled Device

Program NFC tags with an app on your device. We recommend the following app:

Android: Trigger

Windows PC

Use a USB NFC Reader/Writer and a Windows PC with the software product below:

Windows: GoToTags Windows NFC App

We recommend the tag manager platform provided by Delivr. It allows you can track, analyze and remotely edit an unlimited amount of NFC tags from your browser.

Getting Started:

  1. Set up an account with delivr.com.
  2. Enter a URL into the Delivr URL generator.
  3. Go to your dashboard and click the "get url" button below the NFC tag logo and copy the "Tracking URL for NFC Tags".
  4. Program this URL onto any NFC tag.
  5. Track the usage go to "view report" under the "Total Views" column.