Attract new customers with NFC by connecting the physical world to the digital via information and social media.


Interact with customers using NFC by creating an engaging connection between their device and your business.


Retain customers using NFC loyalty programs and form more memorable experiences and relationships.

Likes, Follows and Check-Ins

NFC tags that link to your Facebook like button or to your Twitter page for following. This is interactive and engaging and can create a long-term marketing relationship.

Storefront Purchasing

NFC tags that link to your online store that are placed on your storefront window. Most retail businesses aren't open 24/7. One quick tap or scan and you've turned a potential lost sale into an online customer.

Interactive Retail Space

NFC tags can be placed beside products in a retail environment to enhance the buying experience. E.g. how-to videos on YouTube, sourcing information, reviews of products.

Promotions and Discounts

NFC tags that contain discount coupons which can be placed on advertisements or throughout your store to increase sales conversions.

Business Cards

NFC tags that connect people to your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. This removes the need for overloading a business card with all of your contact info you can include only the essentials.


NFC tags can make a phone call. If you want to allow potential customers call you when your business is closed you can create a NFC tag code that will dial a number. Likewise, you can generate SMS text messages or an email.


NFC tags can be integrated into labels which contain information on the product. E.g. an NFC tag on a wine bottle where they can learn more about the wine, vineyard, and how to buy a bottle for delivery.